Adventure Series

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Status: Post Production
Length: 1/2 hour format
Number of Programs: 10
Origination: 2015 (Delivery of first series of shows – June 2016)
Territory: World except for Italy

Claudia Capodarte’s Blue Jungle Adventures

Claudia’s 10 half hour documentaries take the audience around the world on adventures where she interacts with wildlife as few other explorers can. These programs appeal primarily to a female audience of 18 to 49 years and anyone interested in nature, ecology, wildlife preservation, eco-tourism and travel.

Claudia is the well known “Italian Mermaid”, exploring earth’s unique life in the sea and in remote corners of the planet.  Join Claudia as she swims with whales, caresses sharks, moray eels and visits lions. Share her magical connection with animals such as the giant Anaconda, as she gets kisses from wolves and is surrounded by black bears.

As a child, Claudia learned from her undersea mentors how to approach the giants of the sea and communicate with them through body language. Transforming her marine life skills to terrestrial creatures, Claudia uses this non-intrusive communication to capture the attention and interest of wildlife. She shows her love for all animals large and small.

Claudia and her brother Leonardo were awarded the Golden Trident Award in 2008 for their documentaries, exploration, artistic and informative activities of the underwater world. The (Tridente d’Oro) is considered the Nobel for Underwater activities.

Spectacular images from the archives owned by Claudia Capodarte and Leonardo Capodarte, filmed all around the world by Leonardo, have been re-purposed into 1/2 hour shows with Claudia narrating in English. Claudia and Leonardo’s extensive experience of creating over 140 documentaries for broadcast in Italy provides a unique insight when performing her live educational shows.

“Claudia’s passion for the sea is natural because she grew up in the world of professional scuba divers, (her father was the Director of Mondo Sommerso), at the caliber of Jacques Cousteau.”
IL Messaggero, Italy

“Claudia is the Shark Whisperer.”
IL Messaggero, Italy

“Claudia is the girlfriend to Sharks.”
El Mundo