Stand Up Comedy

DRMCTCH - Version 2
“Marc My Words!”  featuring Native American Comedian Marc Yaffee

Status: Release (2016)
Length: TV one hour format
Number of Programs: 1
Territory: World

Adopted at birth and confused ever since, Marc takes his audiences on a comedy joyride as he explores his multi-ethnic roots and the culture clashes that fill his world. Marc’s smart but relatable comedy demonstrates a universal appeal that has landed him appearances on PBS, Comics Unleashed, The Latino Laugh Festival and the historic Showtime special, Goin’ Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam.


Almost Americans

“Teacher’s Choice” Pilot


Length: 1/2 hour format
Number of Programs: Pilot (Taking Show Orders)
Origination: 2015
Territory: World

“Almost Americans” is a sitcom featuring Native American Comedian Marc Yaffee as Comedian and Citizenship Teacher. The core of his class all work at a Native American Resort Casino. Comedians Gerry Bednob (40 year Old Virgin), Steven Michael Quezada (Breaking Bad) and Sammy Obeid (Last Comic Standing) are just three of the comic/actors providing a stream of comical situations. (CREATED and PRODUCED BY: Kenneth Segura Knoll)facebook

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Adopted at birth and confused ever since, Marc takes his audiences on a comedy joyride as he explores his multi-ethnic roots and the culture clashes that fill his world. Marc’s smart but relatable comedy demonstrates a universal appeal that has landed him appearances on PBS, Comics Unleashed, The Latino Laugh Festival and the historic Showtime special, Goin’ Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam.


Gerry 2     Gerry Bednob
KNOWN FOR The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) | Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) | The Five-Year Engagement 
Steven MichaelSteven Michael Quezada
KNOWN FOR   Breaking Bad(2008–2013) | First Snow (2006) | The After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada (2010– )
SammySammy Obeid 
KNOWN FOR The Coexist Comedy Tour (2012) | Archie Black: The Worst (2014) | Last Comic Standing (2003– )
KatelinaKatalina Parrish
KNOWN FOR The Ridiculous 6 (2015) | Baking Bad (2012) | Swing Vote (2008)AKA
Alan GAllan Gaitirira
KNOWN FOR  Not OnBoard (2011) | Mi Angel de la Guarda (2013)
GiaGuia Peel
KNOWN FOR The Escapades of Odette & Ruth (2013) | A Father’s Dying WIsh (2014) | Mime Your Own Doritos (2014)
StevenIntroducing Steven J. Lambros 


Reality Show

New Stars logo

Rebuilding The Dream!

Status: Pre-Production
Length: 1/2 hour format
Number of Programs: 6
Origination: 2015 (Delivery of first series of shows – July 2016)
Territory: World

The New Mexico Stars is a professional indoor football team based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  Prior to the 2015 season, the Stars were purchased by Tracy & Crystal Duran. The team announced it was going to play in Champion Indoor Football for 2015 but would instead go on hiatus for the season.

On June 16, 2015, the Stars announced that they would be returning to football in 2016.
And so begins the story of a former car dealer and his wife living the dream of owning a Pro Football team.
Tracy Duran

An Assistant Coach who played in the NFL and still dreams of playing in the NFL, mentors his players on the skills and realities of football.
Deandre Wright

And players who are willing to play for $150 a game for a chance to show their skills and rebuilding the dream.
Joshua Carson

Chris Hernandez

Feature Film



The Fight (Mes Combat) in the Meadows

Status: Development
Length: 90+ minutes
Set for Production in Fall of 2018: Looking for Packaging and  Co-Production Partners (Original Screenplay Daniel Landes and Kenneth Segura Knoll- Bokeem Woodbine attached to play Jack Johnson)
Territory: World 


City leaders convince heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson to defend his title in Las Vegas, New Mexico against “Fireman” Jim Flynn. A city in search of fame and fortune, a fighter in search of respect and honor.

(To request .pdf version of the treatment and/or script email Kenneth Segura Knoll –


In 1975, on the streets of Las Vegas, New Mexico, Elnora Pace is crossing the street when she is struck down by a drunk driver.  Frank Silva, a writer for the Las Vegas Daily, remembers Elnora fondly as a kind woman who read stories to him and his sister at the local library when he was a young boy. Frank arranges to interview Ada Glendenning, a retired librarian and Elnora’s roommate, in an effort to pay tribute to Elnora Pace.

During the course of the interview, Frank discovers that Ada befriended the abused Elnora shortly before heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson arrived in Las Vegas to fight “Fireman” Jim Flynn.   Suddenly captivated by Ada’s memory of the fight and all of the events that led up to it, Frank listens carefully as Ada shares the story of her friendship with ten year old Elnora and Elnora’s fascination with a black boxer.


The city leaders of Las Vegas in an effort to expand the reputation of Las Vegas, New Mexico meet with Jack Johnson’s manager and promoter, Zackaery Curley.  Headed by the mayor, Byler Pidger, the town agrees to put up the money to host a fight between Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffries to be held on July 4th, 1912.

When Jack Johnson and his entourage arrive in Las Vegas, he is met by a curious mixture of respect and racial prejudice. While both Johnson and Flynn establish their training camps, the town librarian, Ada Glendenning and young Elnora Pace develop an interest in the bigger than life heavy weight champion. When Elnora and Ada visit Johnson’s camp to watch him train, Jack notices Elnora and strikes up a friendship with her.

One day Johnson invites Elnora to go for a joy ride with him in an expensive car that he had shipped in from back east. During a conversation with Elnora, he reveals to her the racial prejudice he had to endure as a boy growing up in Texas.  Johnson also comes to find out that Elnora has undergone a lot of suffering herself at the hands of her abusive father, Rubar Pace. Just before Johnson and Elnora go their separate ways, Johnson surprises Elnora when he gives her a ticket to his upcoming fight.

When Ada Glendenning pays Johnson an unexpected visit, she reaffirms to Johnson that Elnora is indeed being abused by her drunken father.  A day before the Johnson-Flynn fight, Rubar Pace suddenly disappears.  Rumors quickly surface regarding Johnson having something to do with Rubar Pace’s disappearance.

On July 4th, the long awaited fight between Johnson and Flynn ends abruptly in the 9th round when the local sheriff stops the fight because Flynn refuses  to stop head butting Johnson.   Suspicion arises when it is revealed that many of the town leaders have laid down bets that the fight would not last 10 rounds.

Shortly after Frank Silva ends his interview with Ada, she decides to go through Elnora’s belongings and discovers the boxing ticket to the Johnson-Flynn fight that Elnora had saved for sixty years.

Mini Series

1-Hang the Innocent final


Status: Development
Length: 360 min.
Set for Production in Fall of 2017: Looking for Packaging and  Co-Production Partners (Original Screenplay Daniel Landes – Development Producer Kenneth Segura Knoll)
Territory: World 


Before becoming Montana’s legendary sheriff, Henry Plummer journeys West in search of a lost brother, gold and love.  His quest is waylaid however by accusations from vigilantes who claim he is playing both sides of the law by leading a gang calling themselves “The Innocents”.

(To request .pdf version of the treatment and/or script email Kenneth Segura Knoll –

The Story

In 1842, off the coast of Louisiana, twelve year old Samuel Plummer and his nine year old brother Henry happen on two cattle rustlers (Warren Spivey and Alex Slade) who are in the process of stealing their pa’s cattle.  The two drifters tie the boys to a tree, but young Henry escapes.   Henry finds his pa and tells him what has happened.  When Pa Plummer confronts the thieves, Warren Spivey shoots and kills the boys’ father.  Later the culprits torture Samuel with a branding iron and ride away with Samuel as Henry helplessly watches nearby.

Ten years pass and despite his mother’s concerns, nineteen year old Henry sets out in search of his lost brother and the gold that Samuel talked about finding out West.  Aboard the ship, The Illinois, which is headed for California, Henry meets up with Jack Cleveland who shares Henry’s dream of striking it rich.  Jack quickly becomes Henry’s partner and friend.

After years of limited success in the gold fields, Henry and Jack give up mining and agree to serve as sheriff and deputy of Bannack, a mining town in Idaho Territory.  Henry’s good looks, his clever sense of humor and his reputation for being fast on the draw quickly make him popular with local residents.  All the while, Henry continues to look for his brother.

Not far away, Henry’s older brother is still with Warren Spivey.  Samuel has taken the name Alex Slade after Spivey killed the original Alex who was no longer any use to him.  Warren and the new Alex steal gold, hold up banks, and quickly become the two of the most wanted men in the Idaho Territory.

While Henry adjusts to the duties of being sheriff of Bannack, he gets involved with a married woman named Lucy Vedder, whose abusive husband treats her like she is his own personal slave.  As the affair progresses, Lucy’s husband, John Vedder becomes more and more suspicious.

In an attempt to track down Alex Slade, Henry and Jack travel to Ft. Benton.  Having no luck finding Slade, they are about to start for home when they meet a missionary and his family who are headed for Bannack as well.  Henry and Jack agree to accompany the Vail family and Mrs. Vail’s sister, Electa Bryan.

Henry and Jack both fall for Electa, who is a beautiful and strong willed woman.   Jack tells Henry he’s “claiming” her as his own.  The competition begins because Henry is smitten by Electa as well.  When Henry and Jack return to Bannack, Henry is in the process of telling Lucy that he has fallen in love with Electa when John Vedder finds them alone in a livery stable.  John attacks Henry with a pitchfork and Henry is forced to kill him.  News of the incident reaches the Sacramento Union and they send two reporters, Michael Hanson and Charles Munson to cover the unusual story of a sheriff on trial for murder.  The trial takes place and the judge sentences Henry to serve ten years in San Quentin prison.

While Henry is in prison, his brother travels to Sacramento in order to become a Pony Express rider.  Alex breaks his arm during one of his rides and ends up staying with the Buckland family.  While Alex recovers, Sandra, the daughter of the Buckland Station manager, falls in love with him.  Just as Alex is about to leave, the Paiute Indians go on the warpath and kill Sandra’s mother and kidnap Sandra.  Alex succeeds in rescuing Sandra but then heads back to Idaho Territory to “find himself.”

After serving six months in San Quentin, Henry’s friends are successful in getting him pardoned by the territorial governor.  Henry returns to Bannack, where Jack is now sheriff.   Jack warns Henry that Electa is his and that Henry needs to stay away from her.  Ignoring Jack, Henry pursues Electa. They quickly fall in love and get married on the banks of Grasshopper Creek.  Jack’s resentment  of Henry escalates  and he begins to drink heavily.  Finally, the town fires Jack and offers Henry the chance to be sheriff again.

Henry, who earlier promised Electa that he would start a new life with her, yields to the temptation to be sheriff and accepts the job.  Robberies and violent crime increase as Henry attempts to maintain law and order fail.  Soon rumors spread that Henry is secretly the leader of a blood thirsty gang called “The Innocents”.   Meanwhile, through a series of unusual events, Henry uses his wit and his status as sheriff to save his brother who is about to be hanged in a nearby town.

Back in Bannack, Henry and Jack’s relationship continues to deteriorate.  Drunk and angry, Jack puts a gun to Henry’s head and threatens to expose Henry’s true identity as the leader of “The Innocents”.  Henry shoots Jack in the foot and puts Jack in jail.  In a cell next to Alex Slade, Jack finally figures out that Alex Slade is actually Henry’s brother, Samuel.  After Jack is released from jail, he waits for Henry to leave and releases Alex Slade from jail as well.  Jack’s plan is that the town authorities will believe that Henry purposely let Samuel escape in order to save him from being hanged.

Meanwhile, a number of vigilantes have established themselves as an organization that is hell bent on confronting the lawlessness that has descended on Bannack and the surrounding territory.  Acting as both judge and jury, the vigilantes track down and hang members of “The Innocents” that Jack has identified.  Despite some doubt as to whether Henry is an “Innocent”, the vigilantes arrest him and accuse him of being the leader of the gang.  The vigilantes quickly hang Henry.  However, Henry cheats death when he collaborates with the town’s undertaker and fakes his own hanging.  Henry secretly leaves town and begins his search to find his brother before the vigilantes can track him down.

In the climactic scene, Henry arrives just after the vigilantes have captured his brother.  Just as they are about to hang Alex, Henry empties his gun at them.  Henry’s brother is able to escape, but Henry is not so lucky.   Alex watches helplessly as the vigilantes now prepare to hang Henry.  Jack spots Alex in the distance and prepares to shoot him.  When Henry tells Jack that Alex Slade is actually his brother, Samuel, Jack aims his rifle to shoot Alex anyway.  Henry pulls a derringer from his pocket and kills Jack.   Alex watches from the top of a hill as the vigilantes hang Henry.



Luft Gangster Movie Poster Large (1)

Status: Release (2016) – Honoring Tuskegee Airman’s 75th Anniversary
Length: TV one hour format or 70 min feature length (Screener available)
Number of Programs: 1
Territory: World (Television)

Log Line

Red Tail fighter pilot Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson,  a WWII POW and Nazi death camp eyewitness, tells all in this award winning documentary commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen. (Directed by Mike Rott)


On his 19th long range mission, Lt. Col. Jefferson was shot down by a German artillery unit.  His squadron was strafing radar stations off the coast of Southern France.  “We didn’t know what radar was at the time,” said Alex.  “We  had orders to destroy tall towers off the coast.  We shot the hell out of them.  We destroyed the towers and the buildings all around them.”  As it turned out, the radar stations that they destroyed were used by the Germans to control guns firing out to sea.  Destroying them limited the German capability to attack Allied ships approaching French shores.  Just two days later Operation Dragoon,  the Allied invasion of Southern France, came up.  Alex was hit mid-flight while strafing at upwards of 400mph.  He remarks, “I looked up and saw that there was a hole in the top of the canopy.  Fire came up out of the floor. That sucker hit me square.”  He bailed out and was caught in a tree struggling to free himself when German soldiers ran up.  “This German officer ran up with a big Mowser. I could tell he was excited, astonished because he saw the color of my skin. But he saw the little gold bar on my collar and he saluted me.”  This is remarkable because during those times, in a segregated US Military, Alex had not received salutes by his countrymen.

Upon arriving at the German camp, Alex was brought before a German interrogator. The interrogator told Alex that he had attended University of Michigan and spent much of his spare time in Detroit’s Paradise Valley where he enjoyed whiskey, hot jazz and even hotter women. He said that he looked forward to returning to Detroit after Germany wins the war.  Alex was initially shunned by other American P.O.W.’s.   When a group of captured bombardiers were brought to Stalag Luft III the word spread , “If you red tails had flown with us, we would never have been shot down.”  Alex was quickly  accepted by all white officers.

Initial reports from his squadron claimed that  Lt. Col. Alex Jefferson was KIA (killed in action), his family was informed but it was months later after mourning his death that the Red Cross reported him as a POW


Local documentary, ‘Luft Gangster’, an uplifting story of a Tuskegee Airman

RATING: 5 out of 6 stars

Adventure Series


Status: Post Production
Length: 1/2 hour format
Number of Programs: 10
Origination: 2015 (Delivery of first series of shows – June 2016)
Territory: World except for Italy

Claudia Capodarte’s Blue Jungle Adventures

Claudia’s 10 half hour documentaries take the audience around the world on adventures where she interacts with wildlife as few other explorers can. These programs appeal primarily to a female audience of 18 to 49 years and anyone interested in nature, ecology, wildlife preservation, eco-tourism and travel.

Claudia is the well known “Italian Mermaid”, exploring earth’s unique life in the sea and in remote corners of the planet.  Join Claudia as she swims with whales, caresses sharks, moray eels and visits lions. Share her magical connection with animals such as the giant Anaconda, as she gets kisses from wolves and is surrounded by black bears.

As a child, Claudia learned from her undersea mentors how to approach the giants of the sea and communicate with them through body language. Transforming her marine life skills to terrestrial creatures, Claudia uses this non-intrusive communication to capture the attention and interest of wildlife. She shows her love for all animals large and small.

Claudia and her brother Leonardo were awarded the Golden Trident Award in 2008 for their documentaries, exploration, artistic and informative activities of the underwater world. The (Tridente d’Oro) is considered the Nobel for Underwater activities.

Spectacular images from the archives owned by Claudia Capodarte and Leonardo Capodarte, filmed all around the world by Leonardo, have been re-purposed into 1/2 hour shows with Claudia narrating in English. Claudia and Leonardo’s extensive experience of creating over 140 documentaries for broadcast in Italy provides a unique insight when performing her live educational shows.

“Claudia’s passion for the sea is natural because she grew up in the world of professional scuba divers, (her father was the Director of Mondo Sommerso), at the caliber of Jacques Cousteau.”
IL Messaggero, Italy

“Claudia is the Shark Whisperer.”
IL Messaggero, Italy

“Claudia is the girlfriend to Sharks.”
El Mundo