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The Fight (Mes Combat) in the Meadows

Status: Development
Length: 90+ minutes
Set for Production in Fall of 2018: Looking for Packaging and  Co-Production Partners (Original Screenplay Daniel Landes and Kenneth Segura Knoll- Bokeem Woodbine attached to play Jack Johnson)
Territory: World 


City leaders convince heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson to defend his title in Las Vegas, New Mexico against “Fireman” Jim Flynn. A city in search of fame and fortune, a fighter in search of respect and honor.

(To request .pdf version of the treatment and/or script email Kenneth Segura Knoll – knoll@southwestonline.com)


In 1975, on the streets of Las Vegas, New Mexico, Elnora Pace is crossing the street when she is struck down by a drunk driver.  Frank Silva, a writer for the Las Vegas Daily, remembers Elnora fondly as a kind woman who read stories to him and his sister at the local library when he was a young boy. Frank arranges to interview Ada Glendenning, a retired librarian and Elnora’s roommate, in an effort to pay tribute to Elnora Pace.

During the course of the interview, Frank discovers that Ada befriended the abused Elnora shortly before heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson arrived in Las Vegas to fight “Fireman” Jim Flynn.   Suddenly captivated by Ada’s memory of the fight and all of the events that led up to it, Frank listens carefully as Ada shares the story of her friendship with ten year old Elnora and Elnora’s fascination with a black boxer.


The city leaders of Las Vegas in an effort to expand the reputation of Las Vegas, New Mexico meet with Jack Johnson’s manager and promoter, Zackaery Curley.  Headed by the mayor, Byler Pidger, the town agrees to put up the money to host a fight between Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffries to be held on July 4th, 1912.

When Jack Johnson and his entourage arrive in Las Vegas, he is met by a curious mixture of respect and racial prejudice. While both Johnson and Flynn establish their training camps, the town librarian, Ada Glendenning and young Elnora Pace develop an interest in the bigger than life heavy weight champion. When Elnora and Ada visit Johnson’s camp to watch him train, Jack notices Elnora and strikes up a friendship with her.

One day Johnson invites Elnora to go for a joy ride with him in an expensive car that he had shipped in from back east. During a conversation with Elnora, he reveals to her the racial prejudice he had to endure as a boy growing up in Texas.  Johnson also comes to find out that Elnora has undergone a lot of suffering herself at the hands of her abusive father, Rubar Pace. Just before Johnson and Elnora go their separate ways, Johnson surprises Elnora when he gives her a ticket to his upcoming fight.

When Ada Glendenning pays Johnson an unexpected visit, she reaffirms to Johnson that Elnora is indeed being abused by her drunken father.  A day before the Johnson-Flynn fight, Rubar Pace suddenly disappears.  Rumors quickly surface regarding Johnson having something to do with Rubar Pace’s disappearance.

On July 4th, the long awaited fight between Johnson and Flynn ends abruptly in the 9th round when the local sheriff stops the fight because Flynn refuses  to stop head butting Johnson.   Suspicion arises when it is revealed that many of the town leaders have laid down bets that the fight would not last 10 rounds.

Shortly after Frank Silva ends his interview with Ada, she decides to go through Elnora’s belongings and discovers the boxing ticket to the Johnson-Flynn fight that Elnora had saved for sixty years.