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Rebuilding The Dream!

Status: Pre-Production
Length: 1/2 hour format
Number of Programs: 6
Origination: 2015 (Delivery of first series of shows – July 2016)
Territory: World

The New Mexico Stars is a professional indoor football team based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  Prior to the 2015 season, the Stars were purchased by Tracy & Crystal Duran. The team announced it was going to play in Champion Indoor Football for 2015 but would instead go on hiatus for the season.

On June 16, 2015, the Stars announced that they would be returning to football in 2016.
And so begins the story of a former car dealer and his wife living the dream of owning a Pro Football team.
Tracy Duran

An Assistant Coach who played in the NFL and still dreams of playing in the NFL, mentors his players on the skills and realities of football.
Deandre Wright

And players who are willing to play for $150 a game for a chance to show their skills and rebuilding the dream.
Joshua Carson

Chris Hernandez